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«28.04.08 | The new top-performing intermediate SIGMA 7 is in production! The first wings will be ready for pilots to try at the beginning of June!

It’s a tradition at ADVANCE that we only bring a product on to the market when it has been fully developed down to the last detail. The new SIGMA 7 cross country glider is no exception, and it has taken us the necessary time to complete its development. The creation of a new serial class cross country glider to surpass the SIGMA 6 was no easy matter for Thomas Ripplinger and his development team.

The results can now be seen. Compared with its predecessor the new SIGMA 7 has lighter brake loading, without any loss of precision. It is also more stable and has better performance. Like the OMEGA 7 the SIGMA 7 is also fitted with the revised SPI (Speed-Performance-Indicator). The use of this device allows the pilot to achieve a significantly higher average transit speed.

26 and 28 sizes went into production as soon as they had passed their LTF and EN flight tests (LTF 2). Both of the 23 und 31 sizes will follow suit shortly.

We will be delivering the first test wings to dealers at the beginning of June. From this time it will be possible, on, to reserve a demo glider for a test flight at our sales outlets world wide.

Soon you will be able to find detailed information on our Homepage, with technical data about the new cross country glider.»

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